Losing relationships is inevitable with growth, as perception changes, so does compatibility.

So I read this and was reassured that the feelings of distance from people I had once been close with, is exactly what’s supposed to happen with growth. I’ve been doing a lot of growing internally. When you start breaking old habits and thinking more about what you control and question your behavior, your priorities change. But when the people you love and want to be around aren’t doing the same thing it can feel like you’re strangers.

The conversations aren’t the same, the vibe when we’re together isn’t the same, our energies aren’t the same. We’re just not in sync anymore. You miss the connection but that’s not what it is now. I think we always hope that they face their habits and ego to identify the “why” in their cycle, so that we’ll meet them again on the same level and be close again. Be us again.

It would be fanfuckingtastic if we could pull others up so they can grow with us. But everyone learns their own way at their own pace and when they’re willing to. We can’t force people to be ready for a change we’ve made if they’re aren’t willing, even if it will help them.

If they’re not ready to be honest with themselves we need to be strong enough to stop ourselves from trying to “save” them every time.

I believe that you can love someone and mean well, without being around them. I can’t lose my peace of mind trying to help you find yours, especially when you aren’t looking for it.

This one has been hard to let be.

If we’re never close again, thank you for who we were when we were xx

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