Yoo hoo! Only me, again.

So like I know no one was waiting for my next blog or anything lol but here I am! 2018 was an AMAZING year for me, so amazing that I forgot to update my blog hehe. I didn’t win the lotto, I didn’t shed enough weight to be a size 12 again, I didn’t get in to a relationship – actually didn’t go on any dates at all like the whole year lol. And while nothing “big” by modern society standards happened, I really lived well. Like I lived fucking well. I am happy!

I started the year wanting happiness for myself. See I used to think that happiness was a fleeting thing, it would come and go and I thought we had no control over that. But we do! I do! Realizing in theory that I can make my own happiness and keep my happiness, I tried to put into practice. The first step I took was looking for happy environments.
So I quit my job of three years that I was very good at, but also unhappy with. I was surrounded by a lot of negative attitudes, bullies and just nasty people. I felt happy handing in my resignation, not even thinking about my next step or source of income. I really just did not give a rats arse about anything else except feeling good, and I kept believing that what’s for me will come. I left, I was happy.

And it did, I landed a new job in my second week of tanning in the back yard. I was working with a great new team, making more money that my last job and I had more time in the day to do other things. I was happy.

Then I tore a tendon lol. You’re probably remembering how I said my year was amazing and think “da fok how is being injured amazing?” But being temporarily cripple was actually a blessing.
It forced me to be alone with myself and love my own company. I was tested everyday trying to figure out easy ways for me to get about and do everyday things without all the hassle, which was kind of a game lol. It got me to slow down and reflect, about myself and who I want to be how I want to treat others and how I can love better. And ofc it made me appreciate everything a little more, especially all my other body parts. I was happy.

But because of the accident I was unable to work. So I lost that new job. But it was okay! I was still happy! I kept on with my “What’s for me will come” and again it did. One week after ACC cleared me to work again I found an awesome opportunity to work with cool people, get better money, and have better perks. I was happy.

Holiday season came and I had the best time at home with my family. I got to kick off the new year real good, and Ive been spending the summer in the sun at the beach with my loved ones as much as I can. I AM HAPPY.

I know it sounds stupid but where I’m at now, I am certain that happiness isnt fleeting, and that you can be happy anytime all the time, its all up to you. Find happiness in everything that you already have, in the journey, in yourself, in your loved ones, in the process.

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