Good Deeds, for likes?

I saw a Facebook post the other day, the author shared a screen shot of another person boasting about their good deed. She commented that people shouldn’t make a public post on social media every time they do something good for someone else, just get on with the good deed and be quiet about it. She must see a lot of it or something, because that post triggered her to tweet in caps lock.

I understood what she meant. I know of a couple people who post about doing good things, but they honestly do it for the gram. You know the ones? Fake charity givers? They do things so they can tell people how much of a good person they are? Never encouraging people to join them and help lol just want you to see that they did something good. They do it for their image. Sometimes you can sense who are genuine in giving help, and who are doing it for the wrong reasons. I guess at the end of the day I they’ve helped lol kind of.

It could just be low key jealousy, seeing someone getting praise and attention over something that you’ve done or constantly do for less or zero recognition. You see their posts thinking “Oh get over yourself Taylor!”.


In saying all of that, I know some real loving people with enormous hearts who do amazing selfless work to help others, and they rarely take recognition for it. I have friends who have traveled to poverty stricken countries because they’re genuinely concerned. I know people who organize community events to raise awareness and lend a hand. I know people who volunteer every week to help serve others, not just one time for a selfie.

Growing up I learnt that it’s our duty to love and help others. I know that we’re supposed to do good things for one another and give what we can to help. Not for gold stars. For intention, not attention. My family and I do a few things here and there for my community and I do some casual work at the Auckland City Mission. I’ve never really shared that online or told many people because it’s something I know I should be doing, like brushing my teeth, you just do it. Just help people. I didn’t think people really needed to know.

But with all the misfortune we see daily, maybe they do need to know. Know that people are out here helping other people. Maybe not those reaching stories on Facebook, but to show people making an effort and helping others, it could be good for all of us to see.

Everywhere we see so many heart breaking and shitty stories, we see bad things happening all over the world, it becomes normal. Another brawl in the streets, another stabbing, another dairy hit, oh there’s my cousin on Police 10/7 again. I think it would be a solid idea to share the good deeds we carry out, and to recognize the everyday do-gooders. If we’re seeing this genuine kindness regularly on our timelines, then maybe it could become the new norm and people would have a different attitude to those types of posts. Maybe it could encourage more people to make more acts of kindness.

If you have the means maybe try helping and being kind to one person today. Next week maybe two. Maybe you can do a big clean up at home and donate your pre-loved clothes, furniture, or appliances to the Salvation Army or Auckland City Mission. There is always an opportunity to do good and be kind, and a lot of us miss it. Do good, share the idea, get more people involved.

* *

Get involved with Auckland City Mission

Volunteer for the Salvation Army

Volunteer for the Auckland DHB


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